James R. Huffman may be innocent

By Debra Huffman

Dear Editor:

There was recently a segment on WYMT-TV showing the alleged murder of Michael Hogg in Whitesburg, Kentucky on December 3 1, 2013.

James R. Huffman IV has been incarcerated in the Letcher County Jail since that night without a bond, without a trial, and continual postponements of hearings. In America a person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and have the right to a fair and speedy trial. Something is definitely wrong!

There area lot of “what-ifs” that need to be considered in this case:

l. “What-if’ James, being a small framed person, weighing 149 lbs., was bullied that night?

2. “What-if” James was trying to Stand his Ground against three men, who were all carrying beer bottles and trying to bully him?

3. “What-if’ James tried to avoid these men while they all followed him?

4. “What-if” James NEVER meant to hurt anyone, but simply tried to protect himself?

5. “What-if’ Patrick Smith wasn’t even with him when these three men followed him, but came


6. “What-if’ there is a video proving these things, but the video was not shown to the Grand Jury?

There are so many “what-ifs” that need answering.

James has been portrayed as the villain in the local media, while the other three men have been portrayed as totally innocent victims. James needs his day in court.


Debra Huffman

By Debra Huffman

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