Rubio the Clear Pick for Republicans

By Jeff Hoover

Like many of you on Saturday March 5th, I’ll be voting in the Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus.

And like many of you, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to this year’s slate of Republican candidates. Above the insults and the spin, one voice has stood out: Marco Rubio.

My time representing south-central Kentucky has taught me many things: The loudest person seldom has the best ideas; The slickest person seldom earns the respect of his peers; The timid person seldom gets much done. But the person who shares your values and is willing to fight for them – no matter how the winds of public opinion blow – is the leader who will accomplish great things.

That leader is Marco Rubio.

There’s not enough room in this newspaper to list all the reasons I support Marco Rubio for President. As the Republican Leader in the Kentucky State House, I have seen what separates good leaders from great ones. Marco Rubio can be a great one.

So here are three reasons why Kentuckians who care about life, liberty, and American strength should join me in voting for Marco Rubio in Saturday’s caucus:

Pro-Life Values

One reason I am proud to be a Republican is our consistent and principled stand for the unborn. Senator Rubio has an unwavering record of support on pro-life issues. The tragic death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has made this election one of the most critical in recent memory. We MUST elect a President committed to the sanctity of life and dedicated to appointing pro-life judges, as Sen. Rubio has pledged to do. We can’t accept a former pro-choice advocate like Donald Trump, who praises Planned Parenthood. Sen. Rubio is the candidate who can win in November and stop Hillary Clinton from reshaping our Supreme Court and the pro-life cause.

Second Amendment Rights

I deeply value Marco Rubio’s plans to protect Kentucky gun owners. He understands the constitutional right to bear arms is innately individual – and the right to protect ourselves and our families is God-given. Marco Rubio has pushed back on federal attempts to ban sporting rifles, and has fought federal attacks on gun manufacturers and dealers. What’s more, he understands that Washington’s finger shouldn’t be pointed at law-abiding gun owners, but at the criminals inflicting violence in our communities. We’ve all heard the old line that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Sen. Rubio will make sure Washington finally gets it.

Foreign Policy

Throughout this campaign, Marco Rubio has advanced a clear and consistent vision for America’s place in the world. When America is strong, its citizens and allies are safe. Eight years of timid apologies have done tremendous damage to America’s standing in the world. When we elect Marco Rubio president, the world will know we have a president who will lead with decisive action, not reckless words. And that will make America stronger and safer.

After eight long years, Kentucky voters are ready to return a strong, moral leader to the White House. If you believe in protecting the unborn, the second amendment, and America’s place in the world, join me Saturday, March 5th in supporting Marco Rubio.

Jeff Hoover of Jamestown is Republican Minority Floor Leader in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

By Jeff Hoover

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