Superintendent behavior unprofessional

By Eddie Campbell

As a retired educator, grandparent, and taxpaying citizen, I am concerned regarding recent, well-substantiated reports of behavior by Perry Superintendent Jonathan Jett exhibited in the hallways of Robinson elementary School that included angrily-shouted threats directed toward Principal Estill Neace who was seemingly blamed for the malfunction of the air-conditioning failure which required fans to be delivered to the school. I would add, behavior deemed to be unwarranted, erratic, unprofessional, and totally misplaced in any setting, particularly in a school in the presence of children and school personnel.

In the absence of replacement of retired, worn out school buses, School board by a four-member vote(board member Yvon Allen not consulted) outside the in-session board meeting requirement, illegally voted to buy three cast-off, retired school buses from the Breathitt County School district at a price of $2,000 per bus. .. Buses replaced and removed from their fleet of roadworthy transport vehicles for Breathitt children. This obvious financial crisis of being unable to replace worn-out buses flies in the face of Superintendent Jett’s contract which allows the purchase a new Ford Crown Victoria expressly for him every two years. I am also reminded of the board’s past decision to pay for Superintendent Jett’s Ph. D. degree, with no mention of unfairness to the hard-working teaching personnel who strain the family budget for tuition and gas money for graduate credit at their own expense evenings and summers.

Last week’s published 2015 school budget indicated an expenditure of $3.3 million for the purchase of thirteen acres located directly in front of the Hospice Center, for the West Perry Project, which amounts to well over a quarter million dollars per acre. I question the wisdom and the absolute necessity of that decision along, with the closing of the smaller schools in the district.

In closing, those are our children being traumatized by an angry, unprofessional administrator in the Robinson hallway, our children being loaded aboard potentially-dangerous buses while the money is used on other highly questionable expenditures. I have a responsibility to make sure you know. You make the call.


Eddie N. Campbell

By Eddie Campbell

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