Local police are helpful, caring

By Joyce Smith

Dear Editor,

I just want to respond to all the bad press the police are getting. Am I the only one who thinks the victims are not innocent? I am sure that they have a valid reason for their actions. I am in my 70’s and lived in Perry County and Hazard all my life. I have never found the police, Sheriff, or State Police nothing but helpful and caring. I have known some of them personally.

I am a mother to 3 boys, (men) and I never allowed them to be out past midnight and I had to know where they were going and who they were with. There were some boys I would not allow them to be with. Sometimes they didn’t like it, but that didn’t alter my decision.

I always told them if they got caught speeding they would have to work and pay their own fine and pay the increase in our insurance policy. It did happen once and to each son. The police took them to jail and they stayed for a few hours before I went to pick them up.

When they came home from being out all night I always stayed up until they got home and I would smell their breath and look into their eyes. Some mothers of their friends asked if I didn’t trust them and I said, “As long as I could see them.”

Some of those years I was a single working mother, so that doesn’t remove the responsibility of being a responsible parent. There were places they were allowed to go and places they were not.

They also worked while they were in high school and college because I did not have money to spend on things other kids may have had. My sons are now respected, educated and hard working citizens. If I told their names nearly everyone in Perry County would know at least two of them. I just want to thank all the law enforcement officers for the job they are doing for our county and city.


Joyce Smith

By Joyce Smith

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