Vitally important we act in the best interest of the children

By Eddie Campbell

Dear Editor,

For the record, I enthusiastically support retired Principal Yvon Allen for the District 3 Perry School Board seat. I served for 21 years under the leadership of Mr. Allen at Robinson Elementary. During that time I found him to be a disciplined, dedicated educator and visionary who never wavered in his efforts to protect children and equip them for a better future. All done with a positive, cheerful, upbeat attitude that encouraged those around him, students and adults alike, to give their very best.

His opponent Lloyd Engle, and I became friends and allies many years ago, united by our desire to see better use of school resources. During his two terms on the board, he opposed and spoke against many efforts by Chairman John Combs that we found not to be in the best interests of Perry school children.

During that time, I worked closely to help him to be an informed, effective board member. Today he is openly endorsed and supported by Board Chairman Combs, who can be expected to work with him just as closely to accomplish the goals of Chairman Combs. At this time, a vote for Lloyd Engle is a vote for continued board control by Chairman John Combs.

In another time, in my opinion, Mr. Engle would have enthusiastically supported, and campaigned for Yvon Allen, whose knowledge and ability to effectively do that job, far exceeds both Lloyd’s and mine. Mr. Engle’s candidacy, along with the turnaround in his loyalties, bears no explanation that I am aware of.

In closing, it is not so important that we understand the thinking or the motivation of Mr. Engle. It is vitally important that we act in the best interest of the children, parents, and taxpayers of Perry County.


Eddie Campbell,

Lost Creek, KY

By Eddie Campbell

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