Overall test scores decline districtwide

By Eddie Campbell

Dear Editor,

In regard to recent reporting on Perry County Schools district test scores for last schoolyear, Chairman Combs and Superintendent Jett may have overlooked or misinterpreted some important facts. The report itself indicates progress in a few schools, but an overall decline district-wide. Of our nine elementary schools, six showed a decline in test scores. In 2015, Perry Central High School, emerged from a 3-year state-management program showing significant gains. In 2016, recently-returned test scores show Perry Central once again in decline, dropping significantly from 76.1 to 70.7. Overall, district scores declined from 70.5 to 68.8, and two middle schools ranked among the bottom ten statewide for the steepest decline.

Parents and tax-paying citizens are entitled to the truth. You make the call.


Eddie N. Campbell

Lost Creek, Ky.

By Eddie Campbell

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