Garbage creating unsightly conditions at Corporate Drive

By William Hall

Dear City Manager Grady,

I’m writing regarding the garbage situation at Corporate Driver. My tenants are complaining about the garbage piling up, creating unsightly conditions. After El Azul moved out of the building 124, the big dumpster was removed, leaving only two smaller dumpsters. The agreement with the city, when the shopping center was built, was to provide three dumpsters. There needs to be three to accommodate the entire shopping center. Tenants are currently paying $25 per month and they are asking $44 per month to bring the dumpster back. They are using this as leverage to force tenants to pay a higher rate. We have talked to Stacy at Rumpke and they refuse to bring back the big dumpster stating that El Azul was paying for it. Are they going to take away a dumpster every time a tenant moves out? I ask for the city’s help in resolving this issue.


William S. Hall

By William Hall

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