Invalid Election

By Jean B. Braun

Dear Editor,

Those who take politics lightly may find it funny, but it just seems so stupid – stupid that America’s far right wing would be the one to deliver the nation’s presidency to Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

To begin with, the November 08 election was legally tainted by the use of paperless voting machines which violated the HAVA mandate that the electronic machine produce a paper record with a manual audit capacity.*

Then the CIA, the FBI and the President confirmed that Russia had hacked our election!

The obvious response to this international theft would be a presidential re-election, using auditable paper ballots in place of paperless machines.

(When ballots are removed from polling places, opportunities to tamper become manifold, so ballots should be citizen counted and results posted at the polling places immediately after polls close. With simultaneous counting in groups of 300, votes can be counted nationally in about an hour, and with 1500 registered voters to a precinct, it would require a maximum of just five groups of counters per precinct. Very doable.)

What has actually happened is that in all 50 states, majority legislators have conducted an Electoral College vote, based on the results of the Russian hacked election – almost a sure sign of RICO** operation!

The Constitution provides that Electoral College votes be opened and counted before both Chambers of Congress. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan could refuse to convene such an assembly, based on the grounds of hacked and invalid election.

Or they could collaborate!


Jean G. Braun

By Jean B. Braun

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