Dear editor

By Parma Lee Mullins

I, Parma Lee Mullins, am a widow from Hazard, where I was born and raised. My late husband was Tommy Mullins. I have arthritis in all my joints.

I left my home in Walkertown on December 21, going to purchase peanut butter to finish my Christmas candy. It was foggy and raining really hard, so I took my umbrella. The time was approximately 9:15 p.m.

As I turned off North Main Street into the left lane on Highway 15 North, I had to adjust my defroster. I could not see the lines good. I then turned my brights on. Three minutes or so after I left my home, passing the Double Kwik, the fog and rain were worse. I could hardly make out the lines. I was frightened by this.

As I started across the bridge by the Perry County Park, I saw blue lights flashing behind me. I was being pulled over by two Hazard City patrolmen. I was terrified by now. I’ve never had a ticket in my life. Rolling the window down, I told the patrolmen I could not see good because it was so foggy and rainy.

One patrolman then asked for my drivers license. He looked at my drivers license and then shined a bright flashlight in my eyes. My heart was beating faster by now. I told the patrolman that I didn’t drink, or do drugs, or even smoke cigarettes. I am a Christian lady. I told the patrolman where I go to church and even invited him to come on a Wednesday or Sunday. He looked in my eyes and said, “You are either under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I am going to have to arrest you.”

My heart sank. I said, “No, please take me home if you think that of me. I just live in Walkertown.” His response to me was, “I don’t know you.” But he said, “I am not going to put handcuffs on you.” I was scared and shaking.

He said, “Come on, get out of that car. I am going to do a sobriety test and breathalyzer on you.” He then proceeded to do a sobriety test on me in the pouring rain on a hill with gravels under my feet. He did not do a breathalyzer test on me.

My head was drenched and so were my feet and legs. My heart was racing. I was shaking and my body was hurting all over. Then he told me, “I am taking you to jail.”

I was praying to Jesus. He said, “Call someone to tow your car in. This car cannot sit here on the road tonight.” I did call someone.

I had to go to A.R.H. for drug testing. I got no immediate results of the tests, as I had hoped to receive because I knew all would be negative. I was told the tests would be sent to the crime lab in Frankfort and the results would not be back for five to six months. With no evidence against me, I was taken to the Perry County Jail, where I was charged with D.U.I. and careless driving. Someone at the jail took a picture of me and put it online for all to see.The patrolman also said to me that if the blood work comes back negative, that must mean I have brain damage or inner ear problems.

I also might add; the very next morning I went to my family doctor and had my blood drawn and urine tested for drugs at my own expense. All of these tests came back negative within three days. I have been traumatized by this.

In my opinion, the patrolman who arrested me should not wear a badge for the City of Hazard. He was really disrespectful to me as an elder. He has no common sense and doesn’t need to be out here on the highways taking innocent elderly people to jail. I was falsely imprisoned. I am asking the mayor and city commissioners to fire him. We have already had meetings with Mayor Lindon and the City Commission to no avail.

I want to thank my God for all He has done for me in this life-altering ordeal. I don’t know what I would have done without Him. I also want to thank my friends, neighbors, church family and my immediate family for all of their love, prayers and support at this time. I have lived my life in Hazard and it speaks for itself.

Thank you;

Parma Lee Mullins

Walkertown, Kentucky

By Parma Lee Mullins

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