Viper Elementary students discuss pollution

By Viper Elementary

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you about pollution. Pollution is a big problem for the environment. I want to talk about someways to help the environment.

First, I want to help the environment conservation. We should have more conservation groups to plan ways to reduce pollution. The conservation groups could gather people to talk to them about ways to reduce pollution.

Second, I want to talk about trash cleanup. We should plan more trash cleanups. There should be at least one trash cleanup every three months. These trash cleanups will keep the trash off the sides of roads and out of the ditches.

Third, I want to talk about recycling. Trash bins could be set up for recycling and picked up when trash is picked up. Also, trash collected from cleanups could be used for recycling. We could reuse tires for playground bedding, and recycle metal.

In conclusion, I hope you agree with my suggestions. I think these suggestions would make our city and environment a better place.


Ian Montgomery

Dear Editor,

People need to stop polluting and start recycling and conserving. A lot of people that drive by my house throw out their garbage. I pick it up sometimes. I wish it would stop.

Pollution is when people throw out their garbage in their yards or sides of the road. Pollution is becoming a big problem in the community that we live in. All of the pollution can affect our ecosystem since most of it ends up in the rivers, lakes, and streams.

Recycling is when people turn in papers, plastic, and other items into other uses or the same thing it was. If people would recycle more, there would be less pollution in my opinion. I wish our community had a separate pick up or drop off area for us to recycle.

Conserving is when we protect something from harm or destruction. We need to buy more materials that can be used for multiple uses. If we find something broken, we should try and fix it instead of throwing it away.

If people would stop pollution and start recycling and conserving, there would be less garbage we need to care more about our environment and natural resources. In closing, remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Maddison Rice

Dear Editor,

I am writing to encourage readers to be more aware of their environment. Helping take care of the pollution problem will make a better environment for you and I. Conservation and recycling are some ways to help.

One of the pollution problems that is bad for the whole community is balloon releasing. During a balloon release, it does come back down after a short period of time after it has been released. When it does come back down, it could fall anywhere and animals are everywhere so when the wild life animals fin the balloons, they eat them and then they die. Because it blocks off their digestive system.

Another problem with balloon release is when they fall they can land on roads and trees, and near homes. God gave us this beautiful land to enjoy. Its perfect until people litter. There is nothing worse than driving down the road or on a nature walk and seeing things such as balloons littered everywhere.

To conclude, I hope by reading my letter you choose to conserve your community. I also hope this helps you in the reducing of pollution. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!


Lexie Sparkman

By Viper Elementary

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