My hometown

By Kelby Johnson

My hometown is at Perry County, Kentucky. It is a great place to live. We have beautiful scenery and wildlife. The wildlife we have that many tourist come to see and hunt our elk.

First of all, I need to tell you that the elks were not always in my hometown. The Forestry Division in Kentucky thought that it was a good idea to bring elk to this area, because they were native to the area a long time ago. After that they brought the elks to this area, the Forestry Division of Kentucky tagged and put collars on the elks. The elk population grew while the forestry division kept a close eye on the elk. After a little while, the forestry division decided to have drawings to let people hunt the elk. If you like to hunt, you should enter the drawing for a chance to hunt the elk.

We have some of the most beautiful mountain scenery you will find anywhere in the world. The view from the top of our majestic mountains, as the sun rises or sets, is true vision of what beauty is. The changing colors of the leaves in the Fall is a melody of various colors.

We have an abundance of back roads and riding trails perfect for exploring our wonderful wilderness terrain.

I want to tell you about some of the economy or job opportunities in my hometown. My dad has a job in a strip mining company. I think that strip mining gives people a great way of providing for their families. The land that strip mining companies mine are reclaimed and used for many other things. The Walmart shopping center, the elk view, and ARH are built on reclaimed land. These places also provides people who live here with jobs and services. This, also boosts our economic growth in providing more jobs in this community.

I am proud of where I live. The community, it’s people and the scenery make it a wonderful place to live. I invite you personally to my hometown of Hazard, Kentucky.

If you love it here as much as I do, you just might stay!

By Kelby Johnson

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