Overregulation is killing Kentucky jobs

By Dr. Rand Paul

You can’t be a friend of Hillary Clinton and a friend of job creation in Kentucky. Any jobs plan for Kentucky would necessarily include repeal of the Obama-Clinton war on coal. Any jobs plan must oppose Hillary’s plan to, as she said, “put coal miners out of business.”

Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton promised they would bankrupt coal. They have attacked our way of life here in Kentucky and have come very close to their goal of destroying what was once one of Kentucky’s biggest industries.

The goal of government should never be to bankrupt an industry. The role of government should never be to cripple a state’s livelihood.

Dangling subsidies and more government programs in front of you to make up for the jobs Obama killed is not a viable or responsible answer.

It makes no sense. If someone robs you at gunpoint of $1000, then comes back and says, don’t worry, here’s $50, you’d look at them like they were crazy.

So forgive me if I am a little distrustful of the “help” being offered by people who are part of the problem.

I don’t know how much more clear this can be —you cannot be a friend to Kentucky if you supported President Obama and currently support Hillary Clinton. And if those are the choices you’ve made, you’ve got a lot of nerve standing up and asking to represent Kentucky in the US Senate.

First, in order to stop the job losses and create new jobs, you’ll need to be represented by someone who will repeal job killing regulations passed under President Obama, and would stop any new ones.

I’m the only person running for Senate who can unequivocally state that I will do just that, whether the regulations are on coal or farms.

I would repeal every last one of those regulations. I have voted over and over again to repeal the job-killing anti-coal regulations, only to have Obama use his veto to keep the regulations alive.

While Kentucky has many conservative Democrats, the national Democrats are 100% against coal and favor more job killing regulations.

National Democrat funding comes from environmental extremists whose entire agenda is to kill off coal. They’re all funding my opponent. They’re funding races across the Commonwealth and the country.

They want to finish the job of killing off major Kentucky industries.

I promised to lead the fight in defending Kentucky from the Obama-Clinton agenda of abusive EPA regulations, and I’ve fought back at every chance I’ve had.

Of course it will take more than ending the war on coal to help Kentucky jobs.

That’s why for over 3 years now, I’ve introduced and fought for a plan to help revitalize the communities that have already been so incredibly damaged by the Obama-Clinton war on coal, as well as our inner cities and other struggling areas.

I have proposed designating counties in Kentucky as Economic Freedom Zones, which is an empowering solution using the resources we have right here in Kentucky.

It isn’t big government sending small amounts of money. It isn’t government picking winners and losers. It isn’t more of the same tired Washington ideas that have failed to lift anyone out of poverty.

It’s something new and bold, and I’ve been traveling across Kentucky, talking about it in over 100 town halls in every corner of our state.

First, let’s be clear, this plan leaves serious money in Kentucky, over 5 billion dollars.

My Economic Freedom Zones are areas of reduced taxes and regulations, and increased incentives for businesses. They empower communities by leveraging the human capital, natural resources and business investment opportunities that already exist. By slashing the federal tax rate to 5 percent for a 10-year period in these areas, we can incentivize more businesses to locate in our struggling communities and provide more jobs and opportunities.

My plan gets government out of the way, and lets consumers in the community decide who succeeds. Reducing the taxes in economically depressed areas is a stimulus that will work because the money is returned to businesses and individuals who have already proven they can succeed.

I’m always wary of someone who only thinks of a plan 60 days before an election. Especially if that someone is beholden to President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the liberal extremists who fund national Democrat campaigns.

I’m also wary of the same people who caused the problem showing up with an alleged solution, one that is more of the same tired old promises.

I’m proud to have led the fight against the war on coal every day in the Senate. I’m proud to have authored a real solution, and to have brought it to every corner of Kentucky, not just 60 days from an election, but every day of my first term in office.

Rand Paul is the United States Senator for Kentucky.


By Dr. Rand Paul

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