Fugate, Smith vote for Right To Work

By Barlow Stidham Jr.

Dear Brandon Smith and Chris Fugate,

To say your recent vote to approve the Right To Work and prevailing wage legislation is disheartening would be an understatement. Your vote was a figurative slap in the face to the hard-working people you have both sworn to represent.

Instead of standing up for the men and women of your district and state; you both chose to follow party lines. It’s as if both of you forgot about the men and women in your district who work in union jobs and others who have to work for low wages, usually with little to no benefits.

Right to Work and prevailing wage offers no protection or economic benefits for workers. The fact is, Right to Work and prevailing wage drives down wages and lowers benefits. Insurance is higher or harder to get. Its true purpose is to hurt Unions who advocate for all workers and serve as a check on Corporate Greed.

Mr. Fugate stated his family had worked in Union Mines for years, yet he turned his back on his heritage. He did this to stay within party lines and voted for this.

Mr. Smith stood up for us when the Fletcher administration tried to get Right To Work passed. I guess it was easy when he knew it wouldn’t make it out of the committee. Now it seems the people of your district doesn’t matter as much as they used to or at least not as much as your Republican Party.

I find it an embarrassment to now say that you two are my representatives.


Barlow Stidham

By Barlow Stidham Jr.

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