Montgomery Leads at Nationals
By Tony McGuire
Jul 18, 2017, 10:33

Last week, the Studios Unlimited Tumbling and Trampoline team traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to participate in the USTA Nationals. The team brought home three gold medals and four silver medals. STU was led by Owen “Moose” Montgomery, a second grader at Viper Elementary, who captured two gold medals and a silver medal

The event featured more than 2,500 athletes, making up a total of 143 teams. After competing for five days, the STU gym brought home three National Championships and four Runner-ups, as well as placing in the top 10 a total of 12 times.

The beginner trampoline team placed 2nd in the nation as a team. The team score was determined by the top two athletes’ scores.

Team members Amanda Back (performing in her last competition), Jaden Noble, Ian Montgomery, Owen Montgomery and Carlee Arnett took part in the USTA National All-Star performance. They made the national team in 2015 and were in a contract until June of 2017.

Individual results: Owen “Moose” Montgomery: Trampoline – National Champion, Double-mini: National Champion and Tumbling: 2nd place. Ian Montgomery: Double-mini – 2nd place, Tumbling – 3rd place, and Trampoline – 4th place. Jaden Noble: Double-mini – 2nd place. Amanda Back: Double-mini – 3rd place. Natalie Combs: double-mini – 8th place. Joscelyn Mullins: Trampoline – 2nd place, Double-mini – 6th place and Tumbling – 13th place. Natalie Sahay: Tumbling – 9th place, Double-mini – 10th place and Trampoline – 5th place. Katilyn Collins: Tumbling – 11th place, Double-mini – 8th place and Trampoline – 4th place. Adrianna Terry: Double-mini – 2nd place. Katie Harlow: Trampoline – 3rd place and Double-mini – 6th place. Grace Epperson: Trampoline – 12th place, Molly Barker: Tumbling – 10th place and Trampoline – 8th place and Carlee Arnett: Tumbling – top 15.

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