The Hazard Herald: A Perry County tradition

For nearly a century, the Hazard Herald has been publishing an issue each week, striving to make the community it embraces a better place with news and updates from around the community.

Now in its 103rd year of publishing, the Hazard Herald is still working to reach the same goal that has been the commitment of its staff since the first issue rolled off the press so long ago.

Over the years, the newspaper has moved buildings, seen changes in staff and, in recent years, avoided the touch of several downtown fires to keep forging ahead and providing the best possible news coverage and attention to local achievements throughout the community.

Formerly part of a chain of newspapers owned by the Alabama-based company, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., the Herald was sold in 2004 to a newly formed company called Heartland Publications. Heartland then joined with three other newspaper companies owned by Versa Capital Management to form Civitas Media LLC in 2012. The Herald is one of nearly 100 newspapers owned by this company, which is committed to quality local journalism and helping local businesses grow through its many advertising avenues.

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