Hazard-Perry stops Bandits

The Hazard-Perry runner rounds third and heads for home and the score.

The Hazard-Perry second baseman stretches to record the out.

A Hazard-Perry hitter takes a hard swing a the ball.

The Hazard-Perry batter checks the call on a ball he thinks is out of the zone.

On Saturday, the Hazard-Perry 12 year-olds took on the Jackson County Bandits as part of the 4th of July baseball tournament in the park. Hazard Perry would lead from the opening frame, and go on to the 12-3 win.

Hazard-Perry opened the game with a pair of runs in the top of the first inning. The 2-0 score would hold until the third inning when Hazard-Perry would go back to work.

Hazard-Perry plated six runs in the third inning, putting them on top 8-0. However, the shutout would end there as the Bandits would break the ice with a pair of runs, bringing the score to 8-3.

Hazard-Perry took the commanding 12-2 lead in the top of the fourth inning as they managed another rally. Jackson County would get their final run in the fourth inning, bringing the tally to 12-3. Time would then bring the game to a halt with Hazard-Perry collecting the 12-3 win.

Hazard-Perry (12): D. Fields 1 run and 1 hit; M. Steele 1 hit and 1 run; A. Ford 1 hit and 1 run; G. Miller 1 hit and 2 runs; M. Williams 1 run; J. Napier 1 hit; C. Caudill 1 hit and 1 run; G. Noe 2 runs; Z. Deaton 1 run; and B. Amburgey 2 runs.

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